About Us


Camp Chippewa is a United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center whose mission is to provide an atmosphere in a simple outdoor setting where individuals can: experience the presence of God in nature; form a relationship with Jesus Christ and others; nurture one’s journey as a disciple of our Lord and Savior; experience spiritual and personal growth and renewal; and to serve non-profit groups for the betterment of God’s world.


To bring all persons to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To encourage and enhance the spiritual and physical development of individuals and groups through participation in the camp experience.


Where Faith and Fun Come Together!


  1. To provide opportunities for guiding and nurturing persons in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The program intentionally presents Christ through daily worship experiences and Bible studies in a way that all persons can develop that relationship.
  2. To create an environment of Christian fellowship in which campers can develop positive peer relationships and benefit from positive adult role models for Christian faith and practice.
  3. To provide an outdoor setting in which camp participants are encouraged to develop an understanding and appreciation of their relationship to both creation and the Creator.


The camp experience is experiential in nature and relationship based. With this in mind the responsibility before us is to prepare a place where ministry can happen. All Staff including Volunteer Counselors, need to be able to create both program and theological boundaries. Avenues to creating healthy boundaries are:

  1. Providing a setting where individuals can explore their faith and grow in their spiritual life.
  2. Providing a nurturing and disciplined environment where Christian faith may be shared in a wholesome manner.
  3. Providing the best possible volunteer and paid staff to coordinate a structured and quality program.
  4. Providing a safe environment that is free of hazards and hazardous areas, as well as a clean facility and attractive grounds.
  5. Providing a positive experience for everyone involved in the summer camping program.
  6. Providing a quality program that brings all of the above factors together.

Site Council

Board Chair: Lauri Beach  lbowmanbeach@greatplainsumc.org

Board Vice Chair: Brenda Davids bdavids@greatplainsumc.org

Board Secretary: Jennifer Rolland

Treasurer: Gail Billman gmbillman@altamontks.com

Jeff Clinger

Kurt Cooper umcmesu@gmail.com

Dan Norwood

Kristy Gentry

Annie Ricker

Camp Chippewa Office

2577 Idaho Road
Ottawa, KS 66067-9007
Phone: 785-242-6797
Fax: 785-242-8525