Registration for Virtual Institute 2.0 is now open!

July 19th-23rd

The Theme is “The Struggle”

“Institute is a week of Christian spiritual growth and faith development for high school students (incoming freshman through graduating seniors). Institute 2021 is a virtual experience striving to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Institute campers will utilize YouTube, Zoom, and social media platforms to build community and connect. During the Institute week, these platforms will be used for worship, small groups, and fundraising.” 

One-Day Institute at Camp Chippewa

When? July 17th

Time? 9:30am-4:00pm

What is this? This a day for youth to enjoy activities led by the YCT. Get to worship and experience God with others that you haven’t been able to see in person for a while.

Cost? FREE! There will be a love offering for Camp Chippewa during worship.

  • Registration:
    • Individual Youth
    • Adult (ACT & Adult Care Group Leaders)
    • Youth Groups (Youth Ministry Leaders only)
  • Note: Minors must be accompanied by an adult for the entire day. 
  • If registering as a youth group make sure to bring a filled-out HEALTH FORM and a PROGRAM RELEASE FORM the day of the event for each person in the group. You can find both forms when completing the registration or on our website. 

2021 Youth Coordinating Team:
Carter Seth, Faith Beyer, Jessie Fish, Grace Hutchinson, Sam Fealey, and Baylee Montee

Watch the video to discover if Institute is right for you

For over 100 years, young people have come to Baker University in Baldwin City, Ks to attend United Methodist Youth Institute. Institute is a week of Christian spiritual growth and faith development for high school students (incoming freshman-graduating seniors). At Institute, youth experience a Christian community and learn to receive and give care and support as modeled by Christ. Institute is intentional about making disciples for the transformation of the world.

Experience Institute in a new way this summer! Although we will not be at Baker University as we have historically, Institute will still be an intentional week of fellowship and spiritual growth. Whether this is your first Institute or your fourth, Challenge yourself in new ways this summer!

Love Institute and want to do more? Remember to apply for the following positions for summer 2022!

Adult Care Group Leaders

Adult staff members team-lead Care Groups, lead Lifesavers and Creative Involvements, serve as Resident Hall Parents and help staff with other integral parts of the Institute week. Adult staff must be Safe Gatherings certified through the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church and be at least 23 years old. Once selected to serve on staff, adults are asked to register for Institute and to pay, if feasible, a $125.00 adult registration fee. This fee covers the cost of your meals for the week. 

Youth Care Group Leaders

Youth staff members co-lead Care Groups with an adult staff person and lead other integral parts of the Institute week. Youth staff must have attended Institute previously. Once selected to serve on staff, youth are asked to register for Institute. Youth Care Group Leaders are guaranteed the “early bird” rate of $350.00.

Young Adult Leadership

Young Adults that are at least one year removed from Institute (graduated high school in 2018 or earlier) assist in the leadership for the week of UMY Institute. This leadership could include but is not limited to being part of a team leading a Care Group, shadowing a Lifesaver or Creative Involvement Leader, Co-Leading a Reflection group, sharing about campus ministry and young adult options in the Great Plains Annual Conference. Young Adult leaders will be asked to pay $125.00 for the week. This covers the cost of food for the week.

Worship Team

Worship is a vital part of Institute! This year, we are looking for youth to help flesh out our worship team. If you are a gifted vocal or instrumental musician who would like to be part of the worship team for UMY Institute you are encouraged to apply! Worship Team members will get the Early Bird rate of $350.