Horse Programming

Horse Programming

Do you love to ride or would love to learn? Learn about our riding lessons and other horse-related experiences Camp Chippewa provides!

Riding Lessons

Learn to ride at a CHA accredited facility! With a flexible schedule, experienced instructors, and sound horses – your horsemanship journey begins at Camp Chippewa!

+ Open to 2nd graders – Adults
+ Sound, Quiet Horses & Tack Provided
+ 90 Minute Sessions 
+ Experienced Instructors at a CHA certified facility
+ Individual & Small Group Options 
+ Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Lessons Available! 
+ 1 Lesson for $50, 4 Lessons for $160, or 6 Lessons for $200
(payment can be made with cash, check, or card!) 

Other Horse Programming

Trail Rides– $25/person, 90 min. session ($275 minimum)

  • All trail riders must be over 4th grade, under 250 lb., and pass the arena test


Lead Rides– $7/person/ride ($50 minimum)

  • Lead rides are given at the discretion of the camp staff for those not qualified to participate in trail rides: 250 lb. weight limit.


Horse Drawn Trolley Rides– $150 per session

Call or email Camp Chippewa to book your horse experience today! 

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