All of our buildings have been completely remodeled and updated in the last 10 years!
Scroll down to discover more about our Dining Hall, Cabins, & Chapels! 

Lodging Pricing

Asbury Lodge$30 per person/night (20 person min)
Cabins (North, Middle South)$25 per person/night (14 person min)
Coldsmith Lodge Area$15 per person/night (14 person min)
Tent Camping$10 per person per night (ground fee included)
RV$50 per night

Dining Hall/Wolf Den

  • 4,155 sq ft building with 1,000 sq ft back porch.
  • 29’x78′ Dining Area can comfortably accommodate 125 people for meals with additional seating on the porch for larger groups.
  • Wood burning fireplace and seating area.
  • Wooden 8’x29′ Stage
  • Handicap Accessible restrooms
  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment licensed kitchen staff that can provide delicious meals for your group.
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Sound system and Smart TV

“The Rock” Amphitheater

Simply walk off the back porch of the Wolf Den straight into our outdoor amphitheater. Nestled in the trees, this space provides for a wonderful worship experience or community gathering. There is instant access to trails, creating a great spot to convene before or after spiritual walks.

North/Swan Creek Cabin

  • 1,300 square foot building
  • 2 dorm-style bedrooms with 6 bunk beds in each room. This building can accommodate up to 24 people.
  • 2 small bathrooms with sink, toilet, and shower in each.
  • 15’x19′ meeting area with a kitchenette, appliances, utensils, tables, and chairs. The cabin has a full size oven, stove, refrigerator, and freezer.
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Recent renovations have added a shelter house to the north of the cabin and a deck.
  • Closest building to the dining hall

*Our North and South cabins have identical floor plans and all of our cabins have a fire pit area.

Middle Cabin

  • 1,400 square foot building with 3 bedrooms with dorm-style bedrooms. Each bedroom has 5 twin beds and 1 full size bed. This cabin can accommodate up to 22 people.
  • 2 small bathrooms with a sink, toilet, and shower in each.
  • 19’x37′ meeting space with five couches,  a recently remodeled kitchen with full size refrigerator, freezer, oven and stove, utensils, tables, and chairs.
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Located between North and South Cabins.
  • This cabin does not feature a shelter house, but it does have a fire pit.

South/Munsee Cabin

  • 1,485 square foot building with a 624 square foot wooden back deck.
  • 2 dorm-style bedrooms with 6 bunk beds in each room. This building can accommodate up to 24 people.
  • 2 small bathrooms with sink, toilet, and shower.
  • 13’x30′ meeting space with wood burning fireplace, a kitchenette that includes full size appliances, utensils, tables, and chairs.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Located between Middle and Asbury Cabins.
  • Features a shelter house with a grill and a fire pit area.
  • This cabin is closest to our sports fields. (kickball/baseball field, gaga pits, tether-ball, and basketball court)

Asbury Lodge

  • 4,000 square foot building with 385 square foot wooden back deck.
  • This is our largest cabin with 4 bedrooms – 2 rooms with 5 bunk beds each, and 2 rooms with 8 bunk beds each- accommodates 52 people. This cabin is fully handicap accessible.
  • Large 28’x41′ meeting space, wood-burning fireplace, and a full kitchen with appliances and utensils. The kitchen includes 2 full size refrigerator/freezers, stoves, and ovens.
  • 2 large handicap accessible bathrooms with 3 showers stalls and 3 toilets in each bathroom.
  • 2 private handicap accessible bathrooms
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • located about 1/4 mile from the Dining Hall and right next door to the storm shelter.
  • This cabin features multiple shelter houses close by, including a storm shelter, and a large fire pit area.

Seasonal Facilities (available Mid to Late April – 1st weekend of October)

Coldsmith Lodge, A-Frames, & Bathhouse

  • 450 square foot arrowhead shaped lodge with wood-burning fireplace, meeting space, kitchenette, appliances, utensils, tables, and chairs.
  • The Lodge has air conditioning.
  • Large centrally located bathhouse (running water and flush toilets)
  • Covered picnic shelter just outside the Lodge
  • 4 A-Frames, 12’x20′ wooden shelters with shingled roofs and screened open ends. Each have 1 bunk bed and 4 single beds that will accommodate 6 people, for a total of 24 people. There is electricity in the A-Frames.
  • Tetherball pole and basketball goal, along with a number of trails around the area.
  • This area is located approx. 1 mile from the main camp.

Pool House

  • Has two sides (Men and Women)
  • Each side has:
    • 2 sinks
    • 3 toilets
    • 3 showers
    • lockable lockers (lock not provided)
    • 8 ft. bench

Tent Camping

  •  Fire pit and picnic tables are available.
  • Multiple spaces to choose from.
  • The use of the pool bathhouse is included.
  • No electricity or water at sites. Coldsmith’s shelter to the north of the lodge has power outlets.

Outdoor Chapel

  • Located about 3/4 mile from the main camp.  Close to Coldsmith Lodge.
  • Wonderful view over the valley.
  • Can easily seat 100 adults with space for additional seating.
  • Available to all groups staying overnight, and can be reserved for a Day Use event.

RV Hookup Spots

  • Located close to Coldsmith Lodge and bathhouse
  • Six spots with 50amp hookups
  • $50/day | $200/week | $600/month
Camp Chippewa Office

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Phone: 785-242-6797
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