Hopkins Holiday Camp

Hopkins Holiday Camp
December 16-18
3rd-5th Graders

Cost: $200
Cost Provided by the Hopkins Foundation: $180
Cost to the Camper: $20

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The Hopkins Foundation provided funds for the last two years of Winter Camp, and due to the wonderful programming and lasting impact witnessed by the Hopkins’ representatives, we have been blessed with the opportunity to be the host and hands of their camp for children that do not have the chance to experience the traditional love, joy and excitement of camp, or maybe even Christmas.
Typically these children are on free & reduced lunch at school or their family is facing seasonal hardships.


Camp Information

Check-In: Friday, December 16th @ 7:00 pm
Check-Out: Sunday, December 18th @ 10:00 am

*Transportation will be provided by Camp Chippewa for campers in the Emporia/Lyon County area from the First United Methodist church in Emporia, KS. Check-In: 6:00 pm . Check-Out: 11:00 am

What We Do At Hopkins Holiday Camp: All activities will be weather dependent. If possible, we will do traditional outdoor camp activities including archery, horseback riding, outdoor games, sledding, and star gazing. Indoor activities include scavenger hunts, field trip to a local skating rink, arts & crafts, science experiments, team-building games, baking & cooking, movie night, and much more!

What to Bring To Camp:
– Sleeping Bag/Bedding for twin size bed & Pillow-Warm Clothes for 3 days (pants, shirts, extra underwear, extra socks)
-Outerwear (Coat, Hat, Gloves, Scarf, Boots)
-Shoes (Tennis Shoes, Boots)
-Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush)
-Bath Towel
*Please DO NOT send snacks, electronics (including tablets and cell phones), gaming devices, expensive or valuable items such as jewelry. Camp Chippewa is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

If you have any questions or concerns about the camp including activities, meals, or the packing list,  please contact Megan at (785) 242-6797 or mbastemeyer@greatplainsumc.org

A Hopkins Happy Ending

“Although the mind has a tendency to associate camp with summer, one of the most influential experience as a staff member at camp occurred during a frozen December night. During Camp Chippewa’s first ever Winter Camp sponsored by the Hopkins Foundation in 2014, I found myself facilitating the typical camp activities which lead to a fun experience for the kids. (The weather even allowed us to play a game of GaGa ball). After a long day spent both in the cold and inside by the fire listening to the crackling, it was time for bed. All of my boys were fast asleep as I, myself, crawled into bed too. As I make my way into bed, I hear sniffling from one of the bunks. Expecting to unthaw my homesickness training from the summertime, I approached the upset bunk. What the camper and myself ended up discussing was not how much he missed his mother or father (or even favorite stuffed animal that he forgot to pack). Instead he began to ask me questions that not every 4th grader asks anyone out loud. Questions that no amount of training could prepare you for. He asked me questions about death, creation, and God in relation to both. Thankfully the fun activities provided him with the space to trust me enough to ask questions he had only thought about before. I was able to offer him encouragement though our Savior, Jesus Christ. We can approach Him in confidence that He cares about our concerns, so we did just that. We prayed together and asked for calming of our personal storms that night. After prayer, I sat with him until he drifted off to sleep. Thanks to the Hopkins Foundation and Camp Chippewa, this child experienced fun and had faith to trust me. This is why we do what we do as camp people. The season doesn’t matter, but the children most certainly do. (No matter what time of night!)”

– Garrett Dragoo,  Activity Specialist, Intern and Camp Counselor