What is Camp Chippewa?

Camp Chippewa is a camping and retreat center of then Great Plains United Methodist Church. We strive to create and provide opportunities where individuals can experience Christ in an outdoor setting while participating in a variety of activities the foster growth and fellowship.


How do we register for Camp & Institute?

You can register for camps by logging into your account, here. Once you’ve made an account, you can manage your camps and pay off your balance. If you need paper copies of registration forms, please contact our office.


What should my camper bring to camp?

Medications should be brought to camp in their original container inside a zip-lock bag and clearly labeled with 
your child’s name, and camp name. Parents, if your child has ever had asthma symptoms and has a prescribed inhaler, please be sure they bring it with them to camp as they are outside of their normal routine

CLOTHES: please, use good judgment in choosing the clothing you bring to camp. Clothing should be appropriate for a Christian camp experience: Be sure to bring enough clothes for the number of days you will be at camp plus 1-2 extra.

  • 1)  PANTS, SHORTS, SHIRTS- light colored are best to stay cool
  • 2)  JEANS for horseback riding  (Boots and Bible Camps WILL need long pants for every day’s trail ride) 
  • 3)  SWIMSUIT- Girls must have a one-piece or tankini style swimsuit; Boys must have trunks
  • 6)  PAJAMAS

SHOES: Be sure what you bring is appropriate for walking on gravel, activity time, and hiking rough trails.

  • 1)  CLOSED TOE SHOES – Athletic or Trail/hiking
  • 2)  SANDALS – All sandals MUST have a back strap so they can be secured to the feet
  • 3)  FLIP FLOPS- for shower and pool time ONLY
  • 4)  BOOTS- Smooth sole and at least a 1” heel for Horseback riding. It is not necessary to purchase a pair. The camp does have boots that can be borrowed for this activity.

BEDDING AND TOLIETRIES: (please write your name on items you bring to camp)

  • 1)  Sleeping bag/or bedding for twin size bed
  • 2)  Pillow
  • 3)  Towels, & washcloths for showering
  • 4)  Beach Towel for swimming
  • 5)  Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • 6)  Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant
  • 7)  Comb/hairbrush

OTHER IMPORTANT ITEMS: (please write your name on items you bring to camp)

 BACKPACK to carry items you may need when you are away from your cabin

  • 1)  Flashlight
  • 2)  Water bottle
  • 3)  Sunscreen
  • 4)  Bug repellent
  • 5)  BIBLE- We do have Bibles at Camp you are welcome to borrow during your time here at Camp.
  • 6)  Pen/pencil/notepad
  • 7)  Stationary/stamps

DO NOT BRING : CELL PHONES & Electronic devices – Parents PLEASE DO NOT allow your child to bring: expensive clothing, jewelry, cellphones, pocketknives, electronic games, food/candy etc. Camp Chippewa will not assume responsibility for replacing/repairing items, charges incurred, for items we request that you not bring. Electronic devices do not fit into the curriculum or wilderness nature of camp, and can be a distraction to other campers, as well as keep your child from participating in camp activities with fellow campers. Please check to make sure these items are not packed. Thank you.

What is the best way to communicate with my camper?

We do not permit campers to have cell phones through the week, so sending letters in the mail is always an option. However, it is a challenge to get a message delivered on a specific day. Some great ways to reduce this possibility include pre-writing your camper’s letters and bring them all with you to check for us to hand out on the designated day you wish for them to receive the message. Another great option is to email the camp office at campchippewaoffice@gmail.com. We look through this account before every meal to print off your message. Please be sure to include your camper’s first and last name in the subject line.

Are Scholarships Available? 

Yes! We never want money to be a barrier to come to camp. We are able to offer small scholarships to campers who fill out and return the Camp Chippewa Scholarship Application. We do recommend reaching out to your local United Methodist Church for more scholarship opportunities as well!