Sustainability Campaign 2020

Where Faith and Fun Come Together: Honoring the Past, Enhancing the Present, Planning for the Future

This summer has not been normal for anyone. At Camp Chippewa, we have been finding new and creative ways to continue to interact with our camp family. Things like the Traveling Chippewa Experience, horse riding lessons, and virtual Institute have all been great ways for us to continue ministries in new an innovative ways! As we continue into our second season and next summer, we want to continue to improve programming, create new programming, and overall, just keep interacting with our camp family in fresh and exciting ways. We can’t do this, however, without the help of our camp family. 

“Where Faith and Fun Come Together: Honoring the Past, Enhancing the Present, and Planning for the Future” is one way we can ensure excellent programming for years to come. From matching gifts, Camp Chippewa will be able to: continually support our horse herd and its program, improve other programming to reach more campers from all backgrounds, continue connecting with our camp family in new and innovative ways, and maintain essential staff throughout the year to keep camp beautiful.

To join in the sustainability campaign, please donate through the button above! For more information, check out the graphics below that go into further detail about this campaign.

We appreciate the support more than you can imagine!

May God bless you!

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